Areas of Service


We offer a breadth of services—from meticulous planning and extensive market analysis, to insightful curation and personalized collection management.

Trusts & Estates Advisory

Planning for the Future


We recognize that fine art collections can represent a significant portion of financial assets and are an important element in financial planning. Megan Fox Kelly Art Advisory specializes in working with private clients, trusts, estates, executors, fiduciaries, and their attorneys to help establish a plan for the future and meet their objectives.

Our team has handled some of the most significant collections to come to auction in recent years, including advising estates and foundations with over $3 billion in fine art assets and completing over $5 billion worth of appraisals. Our expert market knowledge, confidential counsel, and comprehensive management of the sale process minimizes risk and increase financial returns.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Private Sales & Auctions

  • Thorough Market Research

  • Collection Management & Administration

  • Valuations & Independent Appraisal Reports

Building Collections

Finding the Right Artwork


Understanding the language of art adds depth to life.

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients invest in beautiful, meaningful works of art. For clients of all levels, we bring our expertise to represent your best interests and encourage your connection to the process in order to build a richer collection.

Centered on personal curation and supported by market research and valuation, our services begin with an initial inquiry and continue through acquisition and collection management. Partnering with Megan Fox Kelly Art Advisory provides access to exclusive opportunities, a discreet presence in the international art market, and ongoing preservation and fine arts management advice to care for your collection.

Fine art sales

Selling with Confidence


When selling works of art or an entire collection, our clients rely on our expert market analysis to assess current market value and identify the most advantageous venues for disposition, including private sale, consignment, domestic or international auction.

We serve as a single point of contact in the sale process, providing research comparable sales, negotiating preferential terms of sale on your behalf, and reviewing and executing contracts. For collectors, artists, executors and their attorneys and wealth managers, we provide impartial advice, independent appraisal reports, and discrete disposition services.

Artist Foundation Planning

Preserving Artists’ Legacies


Megan Fox Kelly's unequivocal industry experience provides insights and strategies to meet legacy goals for artist estates and artist-endowed foundations. Our team specializes in market analysis, strategic planning and appraisals to advise artists, their heirs, and foundation Directors and Boards on developing artist's markets and sales and making bequests.

Our practice has advised and appraised many of the most important artist estates and foundations.

  • Valuations & Independent Appraisal Reports

  • Strategic Sales Planning

  • Foundation Advisory


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