Yale School of Management Symposium on Art and Gender


While women represent more than half of the fine art school graduates in the US, the share of female artists drops to about 5% in the auction market. This disparity is also reflected in art auction prices. In 2016, the first 63 most expensive lots could be attributed to male artists. Potential explanations range from differences in endowments and opportunity sets to perceived biases on institutional and market level.

The goal of the symposium is to gain a deeper understanding on the underlying causes of the gender divide in the art market using new results from academic research. The symposium will bring together key practitioners and academics of various backgrounds and different sides of the market to examine the phenomenon from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Megan Fox Kelly joins Yale Professor Jonathon Feinstein and  Roman Kraussl of Luxembourg School of Finance and Stanford University to discuss "Building Collections, Pursuing Passions, and Moving Markets" on a panel moderated by Yale School of Management student, Michael Nock.  Megan will present insights on changing collector profiles and the impact of their motivations on the art market.

Krongporn Thongongarj