President, Association of Professional Art Advisors

The Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA), the sole organization to establish guidelines for ethical art advisory practice and uphold standards of education and expertise, has elected Megan Fox Kelly (Principal, Megan Fox Kelly Art Advisory, New York) President.  Megan is an advisor to private collectors, foundations, and estates and is a leading specialist in artist estates and artist-endowed foundations.  

Newly-elected fellow officers include Vice President Elizabeth Szancer (ESKart LLC, New York); Secretary, Lisa Austin(President, Lisa Austin & Associates, Miami); and Treasurer, Jennifer Duncan (Director, Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies, Washington, DC). 

New APAA Board members include Gabriel Catone (Ruth|Catone, New York), Patricia Dellorfano (Lead Curator, Fidelity Investments, Boston), and Mary Hoeveler (M.G. Hoeveler, Ltd., New York).

They join the current board: Cynthia Altman (Curator, Kykuit, New York), Kay Childs (Topol Childs, New York), Wendy Cromwell(Cromwell Art, LLC, New York), Lee White Galvis (Attorney, New York), Patrick Legant (Patrick Legant-Art Consultancy, London), and Todd Levin (Levin Art Group, New York). 

The organization salutes Joe Houston (Curator, Hallmark Art Collection, Kansas City) who is completing a two-year term as President. “Joe has raised APAA’s profile as a resource for collectors, and the general public through on-line platforms and our newly designed APAA News,” says Megan Fox Kelly, “Thanks to his work, we continue to educate the public, media, and broader art community as advocates for standards of professional practice for qualified art advisors.”

About APAA

APAA, founded in 1980, is comprised of the leadingindependent art advisors and corporate art curators internationally.  Our advisors acquire, maintain and present art on behalf of private and public collections. Representing collectors in diverse areas of specialization, APAA members collectively purchase over $350 million annually at auction and over $400 million at galleries, private dealers and art fairs; and sell over $135 million for their clients on an annual basis.  Our members are required to adhere to specific standards of practice and the APAA’s Code of Ethics that establish and uphold professional standards and ethical work. 

 APAA’s Affiliate members are individuals and companies, such as appraisers, auctioneers, conservators, insurance providers, shippers/handlers and registrars, who support art advisors and corporate art curators and in their practices. Membership is by nomination.

 “APAA members are the leading practitioners in the field of art advisory internationally, and are distinguished as much by their independent, impartial advice, as by their years of education and experience.” says New York advisor Megan Fox Kelly. “We are not private dealers or auction house personnel and do not maintain inventories of art for sale. APAA members are independent advisors and advocates on behalf of their clients. We continue to grow our membership and look forward to welcoming art advisors and private collection curators who share our level of connoisseurship, scholarship, expertise in the art market, and ethical business practices. Our goal is to build a strong, representative international membership organization of art advisors who share our standards of practice.”