The Value of An Appraisal

Having your fine art and antiques professionally appraised and knowing that your valuables are appropriately  insured be can a crucial step in the proper care and management of your collection.   An  understanding of the process and a little preparation will make the process go smoothly.

Your works of art, antiques and collectibles have an aesthetic and emotional value for you which cannot be quantified.  They likely have a significant financial value as well, and determining that value accurately requires expert advice.  Arranging for a professional appraisal of your fine art and collectibles can give you  peace of mind, knowing that your collection is properly managed and cared for.  An appraisal is essential to properly insuring your fine items; thereby protecting your investment in the event of damage or loss.  It is also an important part of estate planning, as the IRS requires one for determining the tax implications of inheritances and charitable donations.

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